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2022 Fantasy Baseball Bracketology

Welcome to the third year of Fantasy Baseball Bracketology. The original tournament was born in a Spring without baseball, and by most accounts, it provided a nice distraction for fantasy baseball fans. In an ideal world, we’d have Spring Training games starting up soon, but as that is not the case, we hope this can help fill the void and bring our community together. We will have the play-in round tomorrow, Friday, March 4th. The rest of the tournament kicks in Monday.

A few notes for folks:

1. This is all about having fun and promoting the hard work of fantasy baseball podcasters. It’s intended to be an interactive way to learn about new podcasts, and support each other in the fantasy community.

2. This year we had a selection committee of hardcore fantasy baseball podcast listeners who contributed to the seedings. Podcasts were seeded based on a number of factors, including: content, audience size, and frequency. The committee members asked to remain anonymous, but if you’re on fantasy baseball twitter, you would recognize all of them.

3. This year, all of the podcasts that are included have been asked if they wanted to participate. A few pods opted out, as is their right. So if your favorite podcast isn’t on the brackets, please don’t hate-tweet me, or them.

4. While most of these podcasts focus exclusively on fantasy baseball, some of them are focused on other aspects of the game we love. This has been the case every year of the tournament.

5. Please participate positively. The people that work on these podcasts do it mostly as a labor of love. Listen to a new pod. Send someone a compliment about something you enjoyed. Subscribe to their podcast and give it a good review. Retweet it and share it with your friends.

NOTE: If you are reading this and you are the person who paid real money to Russian bots to hack this fantasy baseball podcast tournament’s twitter polls last year in an attempt to hurt people’s feelings, we pray for you. Please get some professional help.