We listen to a lot of baseball podcasts

Chirping: Fantasy Drafter Similarity Scores

After consuming many pods/articles, if there was a “Fantasy Drafter Similarity Score” – similar to the Baseball Reference tool that lets you compare players based on their career statistical similarities – the five fantasy analysts that most closely match my values/targets/etc are :

1) @bdentrek – KC Bubba runs the Benched with Bubba podcast, which is one of my favorite pods on the planet. He’s a sharp dude, he gets great guests, and I love the way he effortlessly breaks down complex stats into language that his listeners can apply.

2) @ctmbaseball – Matt Modica is an uber-successful high-stakes fantasy player. He writes and podcasts for The Athletic, and you will learn a lot about team and roster construction – as well as food – if you follow him.

3) @Jeff_Erickson – Jeff has been the voice of Rotowire for years. While I’ve never met him, he comes across as smart, thoughtful, and humble in his approach to the game. He’s one of the most transparent analysts out there, always openly reflecting on his decisions and process, which is why I’ve probably learned more from him than anyone else.

4) @IanKahn4 – Ian has emerged as the authoritative voice of dynasty baseball. He writes for Rotowire, pods with The Athletic, and happens to be a serious actor on the stage and the screen. His approach to dynasty strategy and trading is second to none.

5) @ATCNY – Ariel Cohen has developed my favorite fantasy projections, ATC, which are based on a weighted aggregate of a number of other projection systems. Ariel also co-hosts the TGFBI podcast, where they provide excellent strategy content, particularly for auction players.