October 3, 2023


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New England Roto Fantasy League

The New England Roto Fantasy League (NERF)

NERF is a new industry league inspired by the late great Lawr Michaels. Modeled after the Bay Area Roto Fantasy League (BARF) – which Justin Mason built with Michaels – the primary purpose of the league is to build the fantasy community in New England.

The fantasy analysts participating in the league represent some of the leading voices and websites in the fantasy sports realm. The 16-team 5×5 mixed league draft (with OBP instead of AVG and QS instead of W) was scheduled to take place in person in April of 2020 in Boston, but took place online instead. 

The winner of the league each year takes home the coveted Lawr Michaels Championship Trophy. This year’s winner was Todd Zola of Mastersball.

The Lawr Michaels Championship Trophy

Tim McCullough –

Thom Howland –

Ralph Lifshitz –

Nick Mariano –

Todd Zola –

Mick Ciallela –

Matt Williams –

Joe Drake – 

George Bissell –

Eric Cross –

Eric Charlesworth – @TripleTrack3r

Dan Strafford –

Dan Harris –

Chris M – 

Andy Andres –

Adam Lawler –

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